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BITS & BYTES: Designing 'remote-first' mine sites

Designing 'remote-first' mine sites

Find out if you have a place in redesigning mining.  Engage in the new conversation about designing 'remote-first' mine sites for the first time ever.

Guest: Neha T. Singh, CEO, 

Amid a period of rapid and intense disruption for the mining development industry, we have Neha Singh with us to discuss how she is engaging the innovation community to share insights at the BDT2022 Conference (Beyond Digital Transformation) to explore the risks, opportunities and rewards for forward-thinking mining companies who are shifting to remote operations.  BDT2022 is on a quest to understand what advancements in mining or other industries will enable the concept of designing “Remote-First” mine sites for the first time ever and how you can be a part of the future.

BITS & BYTES is here to welcome innovation leaders and developers to be part of the 'remote-first' mine solution.

  • Join a community of industry groundbreakers.
  • Engage with mining professionals for insights.
  • Bring your ideas to challenge the status quo.


BITS & BYTES: Pitfalls of being too optimistic


BITS & BYTES: The Future of Safety

Google in Mining

Google in Mining: Taking a Sustainability Approach

Google in Mining

Sourcing Business Innovations



Do Great Minds Really Think Alike?
How (Neuro)Diversity Benefits Everyone
K. Bron Jonson

Deepen your appreciation of the strengths of neurodivergent thinking.

  • Advanced HR outlook: how to attract, retain, and promote neurodivergent individuals.
  • Tap into diverse skill sets and networks for the benefit of your teams.

Our Speaker Mx. K. Bron Johnson (she/they) joins us to discuss neurodivergent thinking that can have beneficial impacts in the workplace.


Accelerating Collaboration

Michelle Ashby

Disruptive mentorships for real change

Michelle Ashby

Our Speaker Michele Ashby, CEO & Founder of ACE, joins us to discuss true facts about diversity, requirements in the corporate boardroom and offers her perspective on mentorships that have an impact.


Beyond "vendors"

Beyond "vendors" - getting to collaborative innovation results faster and with less risk.
Andy Reynolds
Andy Reynolds discusses how current engineering methods and leadership practices are keeping us in the slow lane.


Changing Nature of Work

Roby Stancel Never waste a good crisis. How to emerge better after Corona
by Roby Stancel
Roby is connecting the spaces of design thinking innovation and business strategy.

Michael D. MacFarlane Doing More Work From Surface
by Michael D. MacFarlane
Mr. MacFarlane talks about improving productivity and transforming mining operations, with a particular focus on underground mine innovation.