About Sherritt

Sherritt International is a world leader in the mining and refining of nickel and cobalt – metals essential for the growing adoption of electric vehicles. Its Technologies Group creates innovative, proprietary solutions for oil and mining companies around the world to improve environmental performance and increase economic value.  Sherritt is also the largest independent energy producer in Cuba.

About Sherritt Technologies

Sherritt Technologies is a recognized world leader and pioneer in the development and application of pressure hydrometallurgy for the mining industry. We provide a comprehensive, innovative and cost effective suite of services to take projects from the process and flowsheet development stage, to piloting and demonstration and onto commercialization.
With more than 60 years of experience in the development and commercialization of hydrometallurgical technologies for the recovery of non-ferrous and precious metals, Sherritt Technologies can provide:

  • Process development from inception to preliminary engineering
  • Metallurgical testing and analysis
  • Engineering design and operational support
More than 40 operating plants worldwide have successfully applied commercial technologies built with Sherritt’s processing expertise.