Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Connectivity Problems

The SmartDirect® system is compatible with all common browsers including but not limited to Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

The SmartDirect® system is compatible with all common browsers on iOS and Android platforms.

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the SmartDirect® system, please reboot your computer/laptop/smartphone/iPad and using an up to date browser, log in again.

If you continue to have issues please first contact your internet provider to ensure you are able to connect to the internet.

If your internet provider confirms you can access the internet and you are still unable to connect to please contact and we will reply to your email within 24 hours.

How do I reset my password?

Reset Your Password Online
If you’re having trouble signing in to your BITS & BYTES account or resetting your password the following tips can help you get back to your courses, Ask an Expert, and more.
1. Visit
2. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link located under the blue “Log in” button
3. You will be redirected to a page with the heading “User account”. Place your email address in the “Username or e-mail address”.
4. Check your email for a message from with the subject line “Replacement login information…” Open the email and follow the instructions.
5. Create a new password.
6. Log in.

Password Reset Email Issues
If you’re having trouble with the password reset email, try these tips to help you complete the process:
1. Check your junk mail folder, because the emails from the SmartDirect® system are occasionally sorted out by spam filters.
2. Double-check that the email address you entered into the password reset field is the same email used to access your BITS & BYTES account.

How Do I Log In To BITS & BYTES as a Returning User?

For current BITS & BYTES registrants, the first time login for “Username” is your email address, and “Password” is sent to you from the Smarten Up Institute team email (via the SmartDirect system) you received upon registering for your course or event.
You will also receive an email asking you to change your password to your own. Please ensure you choose a password that is easy for you to remember. However, if you do forget your password, simply go to the “Forgot your password?” question on the Frequently Asked Questions and follow the instructions.
Follow the instructions on the email to change your password. You may then continue to purchase a Course, Workshop, or if already registered or purchased, simply login with our email and password and use the products you have registered or purchased in your Professional Development profile.

How Do I Log In To BITS & BYTES for the first time?

1. Choose “Register” on the home page BITS & BYTES.
2. Proceed to choose a Video or Webinar.
3. Fill in all the fields on the right and then click on the “Proceed with Registration” or “Submit” button.
4. You will be sent 2 emails. One will be a receipt confirming your purchase(s), and the second is your login and password for the BITS & BYTES.

How Do I Access or Purchase Videos, Courses, and Webinars?

1. First log in to
2. From the left menu under the heading “Personal Profile” you will proceed to choose one or more menu item(s) “Videos”, or “Webinars”.
3. In the “Select” column, cchoose the Video, or Webinar you wish to purchase or to register for.
4. Then click on “Proceed With Submission”.
5. Please fill in all required information on the “Checkout” form. The address required is the exact name and address on your Credit Card, your Debit Card or your Bank for Interac Transfers.
6. Enter any discount codes that you have been provided in the “Enter discount codes” area by clicking on the dropdown arrow.
7. Enter your payment method by clicking on the dropdown arrow in the “Payment method” area.
8. Proceed to fill in comments if necessary.
9. You must check the “I agree with the terms and conditions”.
10. Proceed to “Review order”.
11. Then proceed to review the order. If the order is correct, please click on “Submit order”. If the order is incorrect, please use your back button to make changes to your order and proceed per the instructions.

How Do I Start My Course/Video/Webinar/Seminar/Event?

1. First log in to
2. If you have already registered for a free or purchased a course, you will see the item in the “Online Courses” section of the My Professional Development page.
3. Click on the “Start course” button and proceed as per instructions on each page.
4. If you have not purchased a course then proceed to choose one form the left menu under the heading Personal Profile.
5. Choose the menu item “Courses”.
6. Proceed to follow the instructions as outlined for the question “How Do I Purchase Courses, Workshops and Advisor SmartCase®?” in “Frequently Asked Questions”.

How Do I Get Back To The Spot I Left Off In My Course?

1. First log in to
2. Whether you have one or multiple courses, the left menu under “Current Lessons” will guide you to the exact location you ended on your course when you logged out of BITS & BYTES on the SmartDirect® system.
3. Simply choose the course and the section you ended with on the left menu and proceed to continue the course.

Does My Certificate Automatically Create After I Finish My Course?

The SmartDirect® system dynamically generates a certificate for all courses related to Smarten Up Institute according to the standards set by the Institute and are applicable to relevant IIROC and MFDA licenses, designations and Continuing Education credits as identified in the course description.
The SmartDirect® system dynamically generates a certificate for all courses related to BITS & BYTES for Engineering, Financial, Accounting, HR and Geoscientist, courses according to the standards set by the accreditation agencies, for example the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.

How Do I Retrieve My Certificate For The Courses I Finished?

SmartDirect® will maintain your certificates for a period of 3 months from the date you successfully completed your course.
We suggest you print or email the certificate to the proper location (auditor, compliance officer, your supervisor, etc.) and/or upload it to the Advisor SmartCase® (in PDF format) and we will maintain all certificates from any source for a 12 month term if you have purchased Advisor SmartCase®. If you have not purchased Advisor simply email the certificate to the appropriate recipient or print it for your records.

How Do I Upload A Document To The Advisor SmartCase®?

If you have purchased SmartCase®, simply log into BITS & BYTES and go to the left menu and choose “Add a Document” under the SmartCase® left menu item.
Proceed as per the instructions on the “Upload Document” page. You may add multiple pages or forms to the one document.
If you wish to add another document, simply proceed to click on “Add a Document” on the left menu and proceed as per above.
What Document Types Can I Upload To The Advisor SmartCase®?
At present BITS & BYTES has approved the use of PDF format files only to be saved to SmartCase®

How Do I Ask an Expert A Question?

The SmartDirect® system shows all the “Experts” their names and area of expertise on the footer of the home page. If you are using a computer or laptop simply hover over their pictures to see their names and expertise. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, simply click on their pictures to see their names and expertise.
You must log in to the BITS & BYTES using your email and password to send a question to “Ask an Expert”.
Simply click on the picture of the “Expert” in the footer section, and continue to send a message.
You may also choose the left menu item “Ask an Expert History” and click on “Write new message” tab. Then click on the picture of the “Expert” and proceed to write a message.
You must return to the BITS & BYTES to view all questions and answers.

How Do I See All The Questions I Have Asked?

You must log in to the BITS & BYTES using your email and password to view all questions and answers to “Ask an Expert”.
Choose the left menu item “Ask an Expert History” and click on “All messages” tab.
All questions and answers are grouped by Expert and discussion thread.

What are SmartDirect®’s Fees?

All product fees are posted online with appropriate tax applied by Canadian province.
For Ask an Expert and Advertising fees please contact Sherritt for pricing.

Why SmartDirect®?

"Launch, manage, and scale ambitious digital experiences—with the flexibility to build great [applications] or push beyond the browser."
• Simplicity for editors
• Power for administrators
• Accessibility for everyone
From architecture pint of view
• Reliable and proven
• Modular structure
• Responsive interface, compatible with mobile devices
• Multi-lingual by nature
• Easy customizable
• Low maintenance and support cost

SmartDirect® modules include (but not limited to) such features as:

• Credential management and progress-dependent access control;
• Dynamic workflow with multi-threat path;
• Self-adjustable navigation, based on individual permissions and preferences;
• Multiple types of courses: online, in-class, live Smart Talk sessions, webinars
• Various types of quiz and exams
• Wide spectrum of content types
• Streaming and gaming components
• Virtual books and manuals for after-course follow up
• Event calendar with class/webinars schedule and certificate expiration
• Profile and portfolio management
• Student self-service
• Certificate management
• Live chat ('ask an expert')
• Customized and white-labeled interface
• Multi-level system administration (enterprise customer-division-department)
• Content translation interface
• Robust analytics and reporting
• Automatic system notifications for administrators and students
• Solution partnership and community integration
• Mass-mailing, newsletters, announcements, invitations, marketing and promo tools.